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Predictable EP out now…6 Tracks out now!

Check out our most recent video ‘Crying Rain’ just released!

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Latest News

Latest News

2016 on the Way !!!

So much to say.. .

What a year! Nicolette has been
so busy writing, recording and
the next album is well on its way.

This year has been a bumper one
with gigging in Europe and
performing not only band gigs
but also solo & unplugged.

Nicolette has written a track for
Martin Scorcese’s new movie being
released January next year so keep you eyes
open for that.

Loads of work has been done with
different producers globally,
some new tracks are below on
release page..

A number of radio interviews are being
set up as we speak and the gigs page
will be updated soon. Put some in your
diary and if you cant leave home
tune into the radio!!!


Gigs to Watch Out for


A couple of great gigs to put in your
diary for 2016 are EGSW, Avoriaz ( March 22nd
to 28th, click here to book a great
ski holiday and great entertainment all
week. More Info..
others to be announced


New Videos on their way

New Single & album 2016!!!


And we’re still beavering away and hope you like this stonker….’Predictable‘.‘.
Still our favourite tune but many great new ones on the way!!!
Hopefully you’ll love it… we cant wait to hear what you think of it.. Let us know!!!


Silver Bullet Video out soon!! 

With the release of Curtain Call‘. this is still one of my favourites and a video to go with it
is being worked on as an animation. Hope you like it, keep watching this space…


Predictable – Title track to from our new EP “Predictable” out now..

Crying Rain – Most Recent Video from EP “Predictable” out now..

Curtain Call – the opus from our new EP “Predictable” …Out now!

You’re So Cruel – from new EP “Predictable” out now…

Silver Bullet from our new EP “Predictable” …Out now!

Sticks & Stones – Produced for Anti Bullying Campaign

You Sin Me – Great Summery Release (if we ever get one!!!)

Stick & Stones – Propane featuring Nicolette Street…

Don’t Give It Away – from “Rewind” launched in 2010.

Kill for You from – from “Rewind” launched in 2010.

Time Can Heal from – from “Rewind” launched in 2010.

Many other songs from the Rewind Album and other recordings on I-Tunes, please go there to listen.

More songs available on iTunes, and Amazon. Or buy it from our Shop

Street Map

Nicolette Street might as well have been born on the stage. A power house performer who has it all – incredible talent, sultry good looks, the larger than life presence, and a voice to dream of, she is the modern day, real life musical super hero – with the social conscience to boot. “I feel that music can cross all boundaries and that it can stir up emotions in people in a way that, even they can relate to difficult topics that generally one would not discuss in conversation’.

2015 was a bumper year with loads of gigs and plenty of recordings for Nicolette.  With 2016 on the way this is the year for this female fireball to explode. With her last EP (“Predictable”) co-written and produced by Carl Ola Engelmarc (a la Madison, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion & Britney Spears), her last release, Street is bursting onto the UK music scene with an extensive line up of radio live lounges, gigs & festivals (Bournemouth Pride, L-Fest and more) while mounting a massive press campaign for the EP, culminating in a UK and US tour in the coming year. “Predictable” is a rousing combination of arena rock, soulful Americana and catchy pop sensibilities; all of which makes for an entrancing and engaging listen and her fans are already clamoring for the  great music to continue!

Born in Cambridge to parents of Dutch blood Nicolette embarked on her musical journey at an early age. “I performed my first composition live before the whole school at the age of 10, from that moment on the adrenaline rush and the general effect that my music had on people had me hooked.” By 2009, Nicolette was already topping the European Dance Online Charts at 4th positions with songs, “Because of You” and “When You tell me.” And in 2008, she won the Woozyfly International Up and Coming Artist Award, which awarded her a prize of a quarter of a MILLION DOLLARS worth of PR, studio time, consultancy, etc ,etc and a trip to New York City to cut an album. Between that and her appearance at London’s Wembley Stadium singing to more than 14,000 rabid fans with superstar Anastacia, Nicolette is definitely not short of accolades to tuck under her proverbial belt.

But this is the woman for whom Wembley is not enough. While most artists would give their right arm for a chance to be center stage at Wembley, Nicolette has set her sights on changing the world through her music. “There is no greater kick to me than making people smile and dance. It is the greatest compliment I can always be given. If I had the option I would live my life on the stage, but then they do say life is but a stage…” And take the stage she will – at the O2, Madison Square Garden, the Rose Bowl, the Sydney Opera House, Tokyo Dome, and more, look out, because Nicolette Street is coming to your town with passion in her heart and a song on her lips.

With thanks to:

All the wonderful musicians I have worked with on my previous albums. 
Syd Moon – House Photographer, arty farty and a lovely guy with a big heart and a great ….. LENS….
Emma Engelmarc – Arty Photographer, not as farty as Syd but an awesome photographer to have around too… ooo how great to have talented people around.
Chris Croft – Very calm, extremely patient with eccentric artists and a super creative video director (we love him yes we do…)
Outhouse Studios – James Billinger, John Mitchell, Ben Humphreys , the best 6 ears in the west...

Street Smart


Predictable, Nicolette Street & The Revs
(2012, Flutter & Wow Records, UK)
Rewind, Nicolette Street
(2010, Flutter & Wow Records, UK)
Taboo, Nicolette Street
(1999, Asasyn Inc, USA)


Silver Bullet, Nicolette Street & The Revs
(2012, Flutter & Wow Records, UK)
You’re So Cruel, Nicolette Street & The Revs
(2012, Flutter & Wow Records, UK)
Crying Rain , Nicolette Street ,
(Flutter & Wow Records, 2012, UK)
Curtain Call, Nicolette Street & The Revs
(2012, Flutter & Wow Records, UK)
Predictable, Nicolette Street & The Revs
(2011, Flutter & Wow Records, UK)
Sticks & Stones, Nicolette Street & The Revs
(2011, Flutter & Wow Records, UK)
You Sin Me , Nicolette Street ,
(Flutter & Wow Records, 2010 ,UK)
You Mean The World (Nicolette Street/Tim Frazer, 2007, UK)
Shut Up , Tim Frazer, 2007,
Too Much , (Dave Lee/Joe Negro, 2006, UK)
Caress , (Data One Productions, Austria, 2005, Austria)
If, Paul Boddy, ( Justice Brothers Records, 2005, UK)
If, Busface, (Justice Brothers Records, 2005 UK


Forever Summer, Marc Moore, (2011, Power of Love Productions, USA)
There’s A Candle, Marc Moore (2009, Del Records, USA)
Just Thinking Of You, Marc Moore, (2009, Del Records, USA)
Ready For Some Loving, Marc Moore, (2009, Power of Love Productions, USA)
Tell Me, Marc Moore, (2009, Power of Love Productions, USA)
What I Want, Marc Moore, (2009, Avioground Records, Italy)
Because of You Aeromix 68, (Club Kidz, 2009, Dance Street )
Because of You Multi Tempo 16, (Club Kidz, 2009, Dance Street)
Because of You, The Greatest Ballads Remixed, (Club Kidz, 2009, Dance Street)
When you tell me that you love me , X-Cite (Club Kidz, 2009, Klone Records)
Because of You , X-Cite (Club Kidz, 2009, Klone Records)

Vocalist on other Artist Track

Strong, Hazel O’Connor (Martin Rushent, 2006 UK)
Hazel O’Connor, Hidden Heart (Album) (Martin Rushent, 2005, UK )

Notable Performances

Queens Day, Holland
Snowbombing, Austria
Bray Summer Fest, Ireland
Birdland, New York City, USA
Foxwoods Casino, USA
Guilfest – Acoustic Stage, UK
Guilfest – Palace Stage, UK
European Gay Ski Week, France
London Pride, UK
Oxford Pride, UK
Brighton Pride, UK
Bournemouth Pride, UK
Strass Club, Austria
Wembley Staduim, UK

Radio (partial list)

WAVE FM 105.5, Fareham
Swindon LATE 105.5, Swindon
KL lfm 96.7, West Norfolk
Newbury Sound 105.6 / 107.4 fm, West Berkshire
Brooklands Radio, Weybridge
Win FM, Winchester

TV Appearances

Crimewatch 😉

In Case You Didn’t Know

Speaks 5 languages.
Has 2 gorgeous cats
Is made about winter sports and LOVES snowboarding..

Street Praise

‘I was grinning from ear to ear just on the strength of the intro with those dirty drums and guitar  riffs. Nicolette Street does not do things by half measures, and Predictable is no exception! It is  raunchy, it is loud, and above all it is infectious and very likeable!  Magnificent powerful vocals and impeccable production! This single has got to be a must download!’
David Durant, Head of Live and Unsigned Music, Brooklands Radio

‘Nicolette & The Revs have returned with an awesome piece of top chooooonage! Predictable is a finely crafted catchy song that deserves to be listened to. It blows many commercial releases out there at the moment out of the water! If you’re a radio station reading this, put this finger on your playlist. Predictable it ain’t!!’
Matt Barker, Krystal Radio

Rewind Album

“Nine songs that deal with love, illusions, daily life and memories, a voice that has grit for sale… the next female British rock legend.“

“She mixes great dance rhythms with hard-hitting memorable lyrics. Her vocals encompass
power, passion and sensitivity, leaving listeners spellbound.”
Charlotte Dingle, G3 Magazine

‘I wasn’t quite sure what to expect about Nicolette Street, she is a singer song-writer, she has an impressive Bio and clearly she is a talented lady, so I met her with an open mind, and was immediately captivated by her warmth and very approachable personality. Nicolette was the perfect guest, only needing subtle prompts and questions to elicit very eloquent and comprehensive replies rather than short monologues, reminiscent of megastars like Prince or Madonna when she was having one of her diva moments!’

Album Review – Rewind By Nicolette Street

There are only 8 tracks (rather than 10 or 12) on this album, and each track has been masterfully crafted to produce one of those rare albums one can listen from beginning to end without feeling  the need to skip tracks because they are mediocre! The production is excellent with imaginative synth breaks and interesting effects on some of the tracks without ever over-using this. Personally, and this is most probably down to personal preference, I would have liked a touch more reverb on Nicolette’s voice on a couple of tracks, but this in no way has any detriment on the overall quality of the album. The whole album is a very likeable fusion of Rock, Blues, Soul and a certain amount of Funk and Dance styles particularly on ‘Kill For You’, my personal favorite. Explosive vocals, delicious chorus and magnificent production, makes me grin from ear to ear each time I hear it, and one of those tracks which could easily become an anthem in the coolest London, NY and Ibiza clubs Another favorite is.


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See Nicolette live!

Gig Calendar

Gigs coming up to put in the diary…

Dates been putting in frequently so keep checking in.

Gig Highlights


Tadley Tea Party

Popes Lane, South Ealing, Greater London W5 4NT

The band out and in full swing this summer playing songs from new upcoming 4th album!!

Stage time 3.00pm – 4.00pm


Mortimer Queens Birthday Party

The Street, Mortimer, Reading RG7 3RD

The band out and in full swing this summer playing songs from new upcoming 4th album & of course wishing the queen a fantastic Birthday…

Stage time 3.00pm onwards

30.07.16, 06.08.16, 24.09.16 & 21/22.10.16

West Five, Ealing

Popes Lane, South Ealing, Greater London W5 4NT

One of my favourite Venues in London!!

Stage time 12pm &amp

Radio Sessions


Marlow 97.5 FM – 9:30 – 11:30 tune in –

Another chance to relax for a night in and listen to a great acoustic session… no driving, no travel, just grab a glass, sit and chill out and listen to the sultry acoustic versions of the new album and we will throw a couple of oldies in for you too maybe. 😉


Brooklands Radio Night

Tune in online on Sunday 17th February to hear a great acoustic session at 8pm of Nicolette Street performing a chill out version of some of the great new songs on the album.  Relax and listen to me with a glass of wine or beer in the comfort of your own home …. what can be better on a Sunday night after a long weekend of partying !!!! We know you do. 😉


Order the album ‘Predictable’ now!


Order the album today and get a SIGNED copy and a bonus track for free! The EP has already been released July 2012  but the album will contains more awesome tracks written by Nicolette Street and Carl Ola Engelmarc including “Predictable”, “Silver Bullet”, “You’re So Cruel”, “Curtain Call” and “Crying Rain” that the band has performed to over 20,000 people in the last year. Produced by: Carl Ola Engelmarc.


Price: £9.48 plus P&P





Order “Rewind” now!

Released in 2010, Rewind covers a range of songs written between 2000 and 2010. This is what the press says:

“Nine songs that deal with love, illusions, daily life and memories, a voice that has grit for sale… the next female British rock legend.” LoudVision.

“She mixes great dance rhythms with hard-hitting memorable lyrics. Her vocals encompass power, passion and sensitivity, leaving listeners spellbound.” Charlotte Dingle, G3 Magazine


Price: £6.50 plus P&P

Buy BOTH “Rewind” and “Predictable” and get THREE BONUS

TRACKS plus signed albums.

Order both albums and you get a free copy of last years single “You Sin Me” (not released on any albums), plus dance mixes of “Predictable” and “Sticks and Stones” by PROPANE. Both albums will be signed by the band.

Price: £16.59